Actor, Singer, Performer

I have been classically trained since the age of 9 years old. Whilst in the RAF I developed my skills of discipline and always striving for excellence, which I bring to each and every performance and project I am involved in.

I studied Drama and Performing Arts at Cheadle & Marple 6th Form College; Physical Theatre at Ormskirk University, Lancashire and also achieved distinction in Grade 8 and Diploma in Musical Theatre Performance from the London College

of Music.

I thoroughly enjoy character acting, which is why I specialised in Musical Theatre, however I relish the challenge of character acting within "straight" plays too.

I have learnt from many vocal coaches over numerous years, most notably the head vocal coach at the Royal Northern College of Music and most recently with Per Bristow, founder of the Bristow Voice Method and the Singing Zone. I attended Per's conferences in London and Berlin, where I also got the chance to perform and, most importantly, learn on stage and have made many connections and friendships.

My acting credits include:

Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)

Grease (Sonny)

Just (Puppet  #2)

Black Milk (World Amateur Premier as lead role Lyovchik)

Oklahoma (Will Parker)

All Shook Up (Ensemble)

Rock of Ages (Ja'Keith Gill)

Future Credits:  Birdsong in Bedlam (World Premier as lead role Eddie) (Scheduled for May 2021)

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