I am originally from Buxton in Derbyshire, now located near Huddersfield. I have spent my whole life fascinated with the arts, from singing with my beloved Kinder Choirs of the High Peak since the age of 9 to performing on the stage in world premieres.

I have not had the stereotypical route into the world of entertainment. After leaving school I wanted to challenge myself in a way I hadn't known before and decided to join the Royal Air Force, which I had a highly successful 10-year career in, however the fire for performing was never extinguished.

I would often work 40+ hours a week, whilst simultaneously taking my own private vocal, acting and dance lessons; rehearsals & performing in shows and finally giving private vocal coaching.

Now I have returned to my true passion, full time and am completely dedicated to performing and coaching professionally. As a performer I want to challenge myself and work in projects that challenge social norms; I want the audience to question things rather than have it all explained to them. As a coach I want to help anyone from any background, especially those told that they can't or don't have the "talent"; Anyone with the passion and the drive can be taught to sing and perform.

Since the world we all know has been thrust into the pandemic situation I've decided to be more adaptable as an artist and an actor and found myself working from home as a voice over artist and have fallen in love with it. Being able to work from home and produce high quality work is something I'm extremely proud of. To hear my audio showreel or see my video showreels click the links below.

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